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The participants will receive Jobsite Preparation Training for 12 weeks at the IBEW 402 Training & Education Centre (no wages will be paid during this time)

The successful participants will be placed with an IBEW signatory Electrical Contractor for a 12 week paid placement (this will be at minimum wages)

Upon completion of the 12 week placement, providing the participant receives favourable reviews from their employer and coworkers, they will then be offered an Apprenticeship. If the participant accepts this offer they will be registered as a 309A Construction and Maintenance Electrical Apprentice with the IBEW 402 Northwestern Ontario Joint Apprenticeship and Training Council.

309A Construction & Maintenance Electrician

9000 Hour Apprenticeship

Trade School consists of 3 terms

Level 1 Basic = 240 hours (8 wks. X 30 hrs/wk)

Level 2 Intermediate = 300 hours (10 wks x 30 hrs/wk)

Level 3 Advanced = 330 hours (11 wks x 30 hrs/wk)

Total on the Job Training = 8130 hours


Can I come to your location and complete a paper application for an Electrical Apprenticeship?

We are no longer accepting in person applications for Apprenticeships, all applicants must apply using our online application during our intake periods (dates will be on our website once active).

If you are currently a registered 309A/309C Apprentice in the Province of Ontario please visit our office to discuss your options

How does your Pre-Apprentice Program differ from other programs available?

Our program intakes are based on our current demand for Electrical Apprentices, if you are selected for the program and successfully complete, we are able to offer all successful program participants an Electrical Apprenticeship. This is possible through the support of our signatory contractors.

What are the benefits of becoming an Apprentice with the largest electrical Union in Canada (IBEW)?

There are many benefits, a brief selection are detailed below:

Great safety record, pension and benefits

Fantastic Apprentice completion rates (over 90% success)

The Canadian average is less than 50% (Non Union/Union combined)

Support and mentorship throughout your Apprenticeship

Klein Tools will be provided to all apprentices.

Supplemental training provided free of charge to all members

You will be joining a community of over 75 Apprentices currently in our system


How long does it take to become a Journeyperson 309A Electrician?

Typically it takes 5 – 6 years to complete your Apprenticeship.

What key attributes are needed by an apprentice?

Motivated, physically fit and mechanically inclined are all good qualities to have when applying to become a member of our Pre-apprenticeship Program. As we have indicated, essential soft skills are as important. It is our plan to teach you to become an outstanding 309A Construction and Maintenance Electrician. We expect that you will already possess the soft skills we have identified.

Does your Organization administer electrical apprenticeships for all of Ontario?

NO, we are the Sponsor for all of our apprentices. All electrical apprenticeships in Ontario are registered with the Ministry of Labour, Training & Skills Development


What are the average earnings for a Journeyperson Electrician?

Depending what sector (residential, commercial, industrial) ranges from $70K – $100K (working regular hours).

Why is it mandatory to have Math & English?

It has been our policy from the very beginning, and we have verified over the past 30+ years that applicants who do not have the necessary educational back ground will NOT be successful and will also find it extremely difficult in Trade School.

I have a University Degree; do I still need the High School credits?

Yes. There are no substitutes. Because we get many applications per Intake, we need to be fair, equitable and consistent in our screening of all applications. Our minimum requirements are one of the High School Math & English. We know the course content of these courses and successful completion of the 110 hours of study for each one will give you the background necessary to be successful at Trade School. Courses at University or College vary greatly in their content and may not provide you with the knowledge base required.

What Math meets the entry requirements?


What English meets the entry requirements?


Will you accept a GED?

Yes, however the GED is only an equivalency document for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Applicants must have proof of successful completion of the required English & Math credits before they are able to complete an application.

Can I be an apprentice part time?

Being a 309A Construction and Maintenance Electrical Apprentice is a full-time career.

Where will I work?

Once in your 12 week placement you will be working for a member company of the Electrical Contractors Association of Thunder Bay. You will be dispatched by IBEW LU 402. Our jurisdiction spans from the Manitoba border on the West up to the Ontario boundary line in the North, to the 87’ meridian in the East and to the shores of Lake Superior. It is possible that you could find yourself working anywhere within this area. You are required to provide your own method of transportation to and from the job site.

What does a 309A Construction and Maintenance Electrician do?

This is a wide and varied Trade, please click on the below links for more information: Skills Canada (Electrical Installations)